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How to use the Fee calculator

The basic steps in using this calculator are to:

  1. Find the first document you are lodging from either the Non-Division or Division documents list.
  2. Fill in the Calculation form with the relevant information.
  3. Click on the Calculate button to calculate the fees and add this document to the Fees Summary (the Fee Calculator keeps a count of the number of documents you have added in the top right hand corner). The Cancel button will return you to the Non-Division list page.
  4. Repeat the steps above for the documents remaining in series by clicking on the No (Next Document) button and selecting the next document.
  5. Click on the Yes (No more Documents) button when all documents have been entered.
    Click on the Review Your Documents button to change the order of the documents or to delete one added in error.
  6. Once you have added the last document you may have to add Additional Fees if cancelled titles are to be returned or postage is required. Click on the Calculate button to add these fees.
  7. Click on the View Fee Summary button to get a summary of all the fees required. This page has space for you to add your own reference before you print the page.

You can close the Summary page and go back and add more or select Review Your Documents to delete and move documents. The summary page is regenerated each time you click on the View Fee Summary button.

To start a new calculation, click on the Finish/Restart Calculation button.