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Property measurements for land parcels are generally shown on survey plans held by the Land Services Group. With the exception of Strata and Community scheme titles, most Certificates of Title will also have a diagram with measurements attached to the text.

Please note: Using the boundary measurements from plans and titles to measure from existing fences and walls does not guarantee that a boundary is located correctly because existing fencing may not be located correctly. To avoid uncertainty, it is strongly recommended that a Licensed Surveyor is engaged to mark boundary corners, especially if proposing to construct a building wall or fence on or near a boundary.

Copies of both Certificates of Title and some survey plans are available through a property search enquiry on the PropertyAssist online service.


To access this information you need to have either an address, a Certificate of Title reference or a plan and parcel identifier for the property.

PropertyAssist is available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and generally available most weekends. Purchases can be made using secure credit card facilities, Visa and Mastercard cards are welcome.

If these are not easily available, the Property Location Browser provides a map based searching facility where you can use a variety of ways to locate the property. The Identify function can be used to find the address, title and identifiers for any property and includes a quick link to PropertyAssist. Each land parcel is identified by a plan reference (eg. D12345) and a parcel component (eg. A1).

Alternatively you can purchase copies of certificates of title and survey plans by visiting the Customer Service Centre, Ground floor, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Purchases can be made using credit card facilities, (Mastercard and Visa), EFTPOS, cash and cheque.

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