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The Land Services Group has published the following manuals and guidelines for licensed surveyors and cadastral plan drafters.

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Plan Presentation Guidelines

(for plans lodged in A3 format)

The Plan Presentation Guidelines is a format introduced on 12 November 2007, and sets out the presentation standards for property boundary plans lodged in the South Australian Lands Titles Office in A3 plan format, and the newly introduced Electronic Plan Lodgement format.

TIFF Image File Templates - Common image file format suitable for printing hardcopies
AutoCAD 2004 Drawing File Templates - Suitable for use within AutoCAD software AutoCAD Drawing Exchange File Templates - Suitable for use within various CAD software

Diagram sheet template.tif
Textual first sheet template.tif
Textual second sheet template.tif

Diagram sheet template.dwg
Textual first sheet template.dwg
Textual second sheet template.dwg
Diagram sheet template.dxf
Textual first sheet template.dxf
Textual second sheet template.dxf

Cadastral Survey Guidelines (CSG)

CSG provides details of survey instructions in accord with the Survey Act 1992, Regulations and Surveyor-General's Directions. It also provides information about boundary survey practice in South Australia. Sections can be downloaded as PDF files. Designated Survey Areas (DSAs) are defined in the CSG.

Roads Act Guidelines

Information regarding requirements and procedures under the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act, 1991.

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